Abhijit Jagtap

QG8 PTA4 does not work as Output pin

Discussion created by Abhijit Jagtap on Apr 16, 2013
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I have initialised as thus

SOPT1        = 0x00;   // RESET and BKGD disabled


The idea is to use the RESET/PTA5 pin as input pulled up to Vdd and connected to ground through a push button switch.


Once the switch is pressed , i poll it and turn on a LED for 10 seconds (currently PTA4 is not connected to any LED or transistor)

Now this scheme works with LED connected to PTB5, but with PTA4 ,it never goes high.


It does not change state with or without pull up.


Am i doing something fundamentally wrong?


The entire design is complete and only this small issue might make me change the MCU..


Any help appreciated