Inconsistency between memory and pointed value

Discussion created by Pierre SCHMIDT on Apr 16, 2013



I am working on a project that was compiled with Code Warrior 5.9.0. Target CPU is MPC5668G. I am testing my program with the help of CW ICDPPCNEXUS, but unfortunately I see some strangeness that I cannot explain.



As can be seen on above picture, DataPtr points at address $400027F6 in RAM where the first four bytes are 00 01 08 00. But *DataPtr is $60FFFFFF which is different from what can be seen directly in RAM. Normally we should have the same values.It is like GRP30 (which is the hardware register for DataPtr) were pointing somewhere else, not at $400027F6.

What can be wrong?


Remark: in every function where this problem occurs, it can always be seen the same value $60FFFFFF


Thanks a lot