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How to enable Ethernet on AutoEVB revC

Discussion created by Ioseph Martinez Pelayo Employee on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2013 by Ioseph Martinez Pelayo

Thanks to TsiChung we have now Ethernet working on our RevC AutoEVB boards, follow the next steps:


1.Add 1.5K ohm to R159 (top side, next Ethernet PHY)
2.SW12 pin 4 set to ON
3.No change for IOMUX pin configuration (settings that comes with u-boot)
4.Make sure to pull up on PHY reset pin (mw.l 40048088 001021be in u-boot)
5.Typed “mii info”, if it comes up quick and shows 100Base, then connection is good.


If you configure correctly your netmask, ipaddress you will be able to ping other devices as well.


Uboot version I am using:

U-Boot 2011.12-00548-gd2215dc-dirty (Mar 26 2013 - 16:59:44)