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Kinetis ADC mulitple channel conversions

Question asked by rampsr on Apr 15, 2013
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Fairly new to Kinetis. I have two questions that are inter-related.


Is there a manner in which I can sample several ADC channels simultaneously, or does each channel need to be sampled sequentially after the data result of each channel is read and stored? (Doing this outside of Processor Expert, as PE adds too much overhead). I need 4 to 5 channels sampled every 20 microseconds with plenty of time left over for various calculations.


On page 434 of the Kinetis MKL05Z reference manual, it states "For every status and channel control register, there is a corresponding data result register."

This statement seems a bit confusing to me. There are dozens of ADC channels. Does each channel have its own data result register? What is really being implied by the statement made?