David Crose

Having trouble decoding memory on 52277 using CW10.3

Discussion created by David Crose on Apr 15, 2013

Using the debugger, I cannot correctly decode an external block of memory. When I create my Flash version and run standalone, everything works fine. The Memory Configuration file appears to have correct mapping ranges; however, when I read back "reserved" ranges the data is not 0xbaba as specified, so I'm a little skeptical. This is a stable project imported from CW7.1.


Update: The memory configuration file I am using was generated from an older version of CW10. I now get the following message when creating Processor Expert code:

Hint: The debugger file Project_Settings\Debugger\INTERNAL.xml can't be generated because an internal or an external FLASH doesn't exist or isn't configured.

Not sure how to rectify this as there are no Flash components available to Processor Expert.