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Kinetis UART SFIFO reserved bit becomes set during Rx underflow (using PE)

Question asked by luc28 on Apr 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2014 by gerry26

I am using the Processor Expert serial LLD component to send and receive data with UART1 on the Kinetis K10DX128VLL7.

At some point in time, the UART keeps the last character in the buffer and releases it when the next byte comes in .

To recreate the problem, I use the debugger to stop the processor, send a message longer than the uart buffer(>8), and start the processor.

This creates an overflow in the uart and the uart keeps the last character in the buffer (until the next one comes in, then the previous one is released and the new one is kept).

This also causes reserved bit in the SFIFO register to be set.

Using AS1_Init and AS1_Deinit functions, I have tried to reset the UART but that simply prevents me from receiving any data at all and the reserved bit is still there.




What does that bit mean? (SFIFO = 85 where 0x4 bit mask is reserved)

How can I prevent that reserved bit from being set?

How can I reset the UART in this condition?








Thank you