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Does the imx6q Vivante OpenCL support the icd loader?

Question asked by Yabin Zheng on Apr 14, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2013 by Andre Silva
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     I'm using the imx6q board to do some OpenCL programmings.

     Now there are two platforms of OpenCL existing on the board, one provided by FreeScale for the Vivante GPU, and the POCL(Portable OpenCL, for the ARMv7 CPU. It seems that, to run a program which can use both platforms, they both need to support the ICD loader (Installable Client Driver).

     So I wonder whether the Vivante OpenCL support the ICD, which I didn't figure out. If not, is there any other ways allowing me to use both platforms in a program?

     Hope you guys could tell me some solution.