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CW for DSC56F800\E - Declaration Syntax Error

Discussion created by Dave Miller on Jul 9, 2007
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Hello All,
My project was moving along just fine but the other day something happened and I am not sure what.  Now when I compile my project I get 6 errors, all of them are the same type of error and all occur in the same spot no matter what I change.
Here is a sample of what I get:
Error   : declaration syntax error
Events.c line 48   void QD1_OnHome(void) 
Here isthe code that generates the above error:
/* MODULE Events */#include "Cpu.h"#include "Events.h"#include "BCD_IF.h"#include "Step_Events.h"#include "CW_UA_RevA.h"#include "Mot_Cntrl.h"/*** ===================================================================**     Event       :  QD1_OnHome (module Events)****     From bean   :  QD1 [QuadratureDecoder]**     Description :**         This event is called when Home signal occurs (only when**         the Events are enabled <EnableEvent>)**     Parameters  : None**     Returns     : Nothing** ===================================================================*/#pragma interrupt called /* Comment this line if the appropriate 'Interrupt preserve registers' property */                         /* is set to 'yes' (#pragma interrupt saveall is generated before the ISR)      */void QD1_OnHome(void){   if(UA_Cntrl.Find_Home)   {        /* Write your code here ... */    stop_motor();     }}


I don't see any cause for the error.  Does anyone else see it?
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