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bit fields with pragma packed still generates pad nibbles in 16 bit case.

Question asked by Leong on Apr 12, 2013
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I'm using CW7.1 for codefire 5225x to generate some byte streams. in the definition document, it asks for 2 consecutive 12 bit numbers that takes 3 bytes. so i used the code below (simplified) but it seems the sizeof is 4 bytes instead of 3. if I assign foo and bar with 0x1111, they show up in the stream as 0x1110, which means a padding nibble is added to each var..


any recommendations other than split the 2 vars into 2 int8 + 2 nibbles?


#pragma options align=packed

typedef struct


  int16_t     foo:12 ;       

  int16_t     bar:12 ;




thanks in advance.