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Is Processor Expert recommended for MQX (Non-Lite)?

Question asked by anguel on Apr 10, 2013
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I wonder if Processor Expert is really recommended for accessing peripherals like I2C and SPI in new MQX (Non-Lite!) projects or not. I know that PE cannot be used to configure advanced MQX components like USB and Ethernet but how about the simple ones? Is Processor Expert a production-proof best-practice

approach or is it just something novice developers should use to experiment with the device features? Unfortunately, I did not find any docs regarding this topic.


There are some new videos but they are all about using PE with MQX-Lite. So what about the full-featured MQX version? My target is Kinetis K70. I am asking because I have also found some older appnotes that show examples using file I/O to access SPI, I2C, etc. :


So what is the recommended way to go for MQX? PE or do it yourself?


Thank you in advance.