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9S08AC60 external ceramic resonator not locking

Question asked by barry gordon on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by barry gordon

I have built two boards both with a 4Mhz Ceramic Resonator.  Both board, using the Cyclone Pro can be programmed and single step.

On one board the ceramic resonator is not locking (using a scope - no oscillator on either pin).  The code is set up as in example 2 of the manual.  The code is stuck on the while loop.


The ceramic resonator has the bypass capacitors and resistors embedded in the body.


ICGC1 = 0x30;

ICGC2 = 0x30;

/* Wait for LOCK bit */

while (!ICGS1_LOCK);


The circuit ohms out Ok. 

Any trouble hints on what to do next.