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[IMPORTANT] ColdFire TCP/IP Software with Interniche code - What can you post to stay legal ?

Discussion created by Alban Rampon Employee on Jul 9, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2007 by Petter Nordby
Dear Members,

Interniche TCP/IP stack is offered in some ColdFire software available from Freescale website.
This stack is a lite version and Inerniche has an agreement with Freescale on the distribution.

The Interniche license does not allow everyone to freely distribute projects.
Therefore, here are two ways you can share code using the Interniche TCP/IP stack:

- You can either distribute patches to apply to projects available at,
- or you can submit a full working project to the Forum team and this project will be put under with the proper license.

I understand that seems fastidious but we all need to respect the licensing terms.
The first solution is probably the quickest as it does not require Freescale human intervention.

To sum up, you cannot post a modified Interniche software on the Forum as you are breaching the agreement you gave when you first downloaded the source.

Thank you for sharing your hard work !

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