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Kinetis Low Power Debugging: CW10.3 MQX4.0 P&E multilink

Question asked by TugboatCaptain on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2013 by TugboatCaptain

How do you debug through MQX-WAIT(ARM-VLPR) mode or any other low power mode with CW10.3 and Kinetis and P&E Multilink?


CW10.2 was more tolerant and would recognize a breakpoint on the other side of a low power mode.  CW10.3 seems to immediately notify of "Target Connection Lost".  I see a setting for "Target connection lost settings" with three options on what to do "when an active connection is lost", but instead of "Try to connect" and "terminate session" and "ask" as the three choices offered, I would like to have an option to "just relax and wait" until you hear from the target again.


Any guidance?