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NOR Flash into MQX (39vf010)

Question asked by Carl Norman on Apr 8, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2013 by Carl Norman

Hi Guys,


Just starting to set up the MCF52259 + sst39vf010 in MQX3.4.0 on CW10.2 Win7.


I started this thread as I am hoping that someone has already got this chip (or similar SST flash part) working and is willing to share their drivers. Otherwise, I will post up a HOWTO: once I get it working as there is little help to do this, and I have never tried before. Any help along the way would be appreciated : )


Does anyone have any handy hints and tips? Drivers for NOR Flash integration? I cant see any external flash examples in the MQX examples.... Do any development boards come with Flash that are supported in MQX3.4?