MC9S08JM60 USB-CDC device problem

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Hello everybody,


I used the last USB-STACK proposed by freescale (the 4.0.3) with a MC9S08JM60 to develop a USB-CDC application.


With my DEMOJM development card, I have used the example provided in the Stack ("C: \ Freescale \ Freescale USB Stack v4.0.3 \ Source \ Device \ app \ cdc \ CW10 \ s08usbjm60"). I also used tools from the excelent blog "" (USB or not: CDC with Processor Expert | MCU on Eclipse). I have obtained two USB-CDC devices. Well !


When I connect my USB-CDC devices directly into an USB port on my PC, there is no problem, the devices are both detected and the driver (CDC.inf) works. I can connect and communicate with my JM60 demo board across the CDC protocol.


My problem is when I connect the USB-CDC devices to my USB over IP module (StarTech - Part # USB1000IP). The USB devices are detected and appear inside the Windows Device Manager, but not installed inside the ports (COM and LTP) section. And the device is not available for communication. I tried two other USB over IP modules from other manufacturers, and I have the same problems. Worse, if I try to force the driver installation, Windows 7-64 or XP-32 show me the blue screen.


For info : inside the Windows Device Manager, the device instance id is : "USB\VID_2504&PID_0300&REV_0002" when I connect the device directly to USB.

It becomes "USB\Vid_2504&Pid_0300&Rev_0002&MI_00" when I use the  USB over IP module

Do you have a solution? An idea? A line of thought


Thank you in advance for your help.


Best Regards