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NAND Flash File System patch for Freescale MQX buffer size adjustment?

Question asked by Frank DeLuca on Apr 7, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by Frank DeLuca

I am working with a custom K60 120MHz board we designed that uses the same NAND FLASH as the K60F120M tower board.  I added the NAND Flash File system patch to MQX 4.0 and I was able to get the NAND working and can read and write to it.  I then added the web server that come with MQX.  Now both the web server and the NAND drive work correctly, but will not operate together.  I also enable the shell to allow manual control of the initialization. The problem I have Is memory, specifically RAM.  If I start my firmware with the NAND uninitialized the web server works correctly. Once I initialize/open the NAND Flash drive, the webserver can no longer allocate enough memory for the RX and TX buffers and stops working.  If I close the NAND drive the web server recovers and works correctly.  Since the documentation for the NAND Flash file system patch does not explain how the buffer management is handled and configured I can not easily resolve this issue.  Is there an unreleased document that can be made available that may speed my understanding of the NAND Flash driver and wear leveling code to save me from reading all the source files and figuring this out myself?  Also can the wear leveling code be disabled?  My application will not be writing tot he NAND very often so I would be willing to sacrifice wear leveling if it will save me RAM.