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CW10.2  movec, illegal use of inline function

Question asked by austintexas on Apr 6, 2013
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This code works when I use my CW6.3 tools.  My XP machine has died and now I must get the project working under CW10.2.  I'm getting "illegal use of asm inline function errors whenever I try to write to the VBR register.  My target is a Coldfire V2 MCF5213.


void init_exceptions(void)


     __asm {

          move.l     #0x20000000,d0

     .long     0x4e7b0801               // movec d0, VBR



I've tried changing the last assembly instruction, but the result is the same.

movec     d0, 0x0801,

movec     d0, VBR

movec     A0, VBR    


Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank you.