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Help: IMX28EVK BSP SD Cards corrupted...

Question asked by Gianluca Renzi on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2013 by Yuri Muhin

Hello to everybody,

Due to my bad attitude: DO NOT BACKUP WHEN YOU CAN...

I definitively bricked my two SD Card given to me with the IMX28EVK Package.

Are there any chance to restore them back having some sort of image?

I am using Linux as OS, so images in the format for use with command 'dd' they can be awesome!


My IMX28EVK has two labels:

- 700-26241 REV A

- SCH-26241 REV D


My two SD CARD (Sandisk SDHC Card 4GB) have those labels:


WINCE: (Class 2 SDHC) MX28EVK WINCE 110-77225 REV D

LINUX: (Class 4 SDHC) MX28EVK LINUX 110-77224 REV D


Both cards have the MBR and all partitions data and stuff wiped by a fdisk first, then a 'dd' command after, so they are CURRENTLY UNRECOVERABLE AT ALL.


Please help with a link or where I can find those images???


Best Regards,