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Keep variables in order. CW 10.2, Kinetis K60

Question asked by Carlos Burgos on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by Carlos Burgos

Hi. There are some way to keep all variables declares in my program in the same order in the memory ?


I want to be able to copy blocks of memory with pointers.
But I need that the variables keep in the Ram in the same order that I them declare in the program




char a;

char b;

char c;

I need the correlative address


address    size          type   variable


1FFF0000 00000001 .dat a

1FFF0001 00000001 .dat b


1FFF0002 00000001 .dat c



I'm workign with CW 10.2, kinetis k60 MCU.

Recently I have changed to kinetis. Before it was working with keil with 8051 MCU. In the uvision ther are the paremetrer  " - order " in the compiler, but in CW  I don't know.


Thanks !!