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Problem with AN2295SW bootloader on Kinetis K40

Question asked by Jan Brazdil on Apr 4, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2013 by pavel.krenek

Hello guys.


I'm trying AN2295SW bootloader on Kinetis K40 CPU. I tried few different versions of AN2295SW, but only one version contains project for CodeWarrior. I have CodeWarrior 10.3, and project inside AN2295SW folder is for 10.2. But i make this project functional with few modifications.


When i start win_hc08sprg.exe and hit connect, everythink is okay. But last message is:

WARNING! S19 image will not fit into available memory (at address 0x00000800)!


I think, that i have few mistakes in linker, or in config file (Because CPUhas 256kB memory). But i can't fix it. I read manual and guide and still don't know what to do...


Is there anyone who make functional AN2295SW bootloader on Kinetis K40?


I will be glad for every advice, thanks.


Best Regards, Fbi.