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Kwikstik-K40 ver 5 SD card slot

Question asked by Vit Hanousek on Apr 4, 2013
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I am trying get to work kwikstick's sd card slot, but without success.


I am using CodeWarrior 10.2 in Linux. I have imported SDHC example project for TWR-K60, then change the device and conection, reselect a few pin settings in processor expert inspector, and remove UART component and includes. I can compile and run my project, and in debuger printf("") is printing into debuger console.


But the program doesnt detect my microSD cards (knigston 128MB and one 1GB). Output of program is:




*** DEMO project for the SDHC component - begin         





Project description:


Card has to be inserted before starting the demo.



+++ Step 0 - begin +++


Description: Card initialization example


1) Reseting card...


2) Card inserted - detecting card type...


ERROR Unsupported card type


+++ Step 0 - end +++





*** DEMO project for the SDHC component - end           




I have tried write my own program with SDHC_LDD component, but with similar success.... the card doesnt speek with me...


Can somebody help me? With any idea wath is wrong? Or with an example of working code?


Thanks for replies.