Pin assignment (or mapping) procedure

Discussion created by aes_mike on Apr 4, 2013
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What is the proper technique or design procedure for mapping I/O pins on a Kinetis part?  I am new to Kinetis family.


I went through (briefly) the Processor Expert (within Code Warrior) and I see how to assign pins, but it is not clear to me which embedded components you should lay down first, second and so on in order to get maximum/optimal pinout arrangement.  I can see in the Processor window, that if you put your mouse say over the "ADC0" component it highlights all the pins that can be assigned.


I am looking for a big picture approach to specifying pin assignments.  I know what pins I need from a PCB schematic level and was hoping to quickly define them so we can get on with schematic capture.


Is there a prioritization scheme for specifying pin assignments so that you can get the optimal functionality you are looking for in a design?


For example, if I specify an ADC pin for a MKL14Z64 within the Processor Expert there seems to be a lot of pins to chose from, but it is not clear which pins will become conflicts later as you add to the design.  How to resolve or methodically deal with these conflicts?



Thank you for your help.