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Flash erase/write works only with Breakpoints (MC56F8014)

Discussion created by David Dammann on Jul 9, 2007
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for my application I need to store values for the time when the controller is powered down. To save costs I want to use one page of the internal flash of the MC56F8014. So my program will be stored from 0x0000 - 0x1EFF and the values will be stored from 0x1F00 - 0x1FFF. I wrote functions to erase this page and to write words at addresses from this section of flash. But this works only if I'm in debug mode an I've set breakpoints into these functions. Otherwise the controller jumps during this functions to an address in the reserved area of memory and stays there. This is normally at address 0x7800 +-20.
Do anybody have an idea what's the reason for this?
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