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Handle warnings and/or messages.

Question asked by Vianney Colombat on Jul 9, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2012 by Anna Koteswararao


 I am working with CodeWarrior 5 and a HCS08 microcontroller, porting some code from Cosmic.

I wonder how is it possible do handle - e.g. - a warning message during the compilation to avoid his appearence in the compilation tab.
For example :
I have this instruction : "time_ref_mng();" , that generate the "C4301: Inline expansion done for function call" message. I don't want to modify the code to cancel the message when compiling, but only tell to the compiler that this situation is normal. Do you understood what I want to do ? Someone can give some advices and/or indications how to do  ?