CW 10.2 warning Files or folders deleted cannot be recovered!

Discussion created by samsaprunoff on Apr 2, 2013
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Good day All,


Just a warning and a rant for a new CW "feature" I just discovered...  If you delete a file or subfolder whether it be on purpose or by mistake, the files are permanently deleted from the Workspace as well as on your local hard drive!   The files are not sent to the recycle bin, they are permanently deleted!  I cannot believe this... You cannot even use CW's "undo" function! This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever experienced with this tool set.  I am completely bewildered at this.  In my case I move my mouse and the left side mouse button clicked and whammo a whole subfolder and all of its files have been permanently deleted!  I have to say that my experience using CW 10.x is one of the worst experiences ever... I am actually sick and disgusted that I paid another $1000 for support...


I hope you will forgive my rant... but I just wanted to warn others about this issue... and also if you have a choice use any other software tool than CW 10.x