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RTCS multiple interfaces

Question asked by Solaris on Apr 2, 2013
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i have a problem with multiple (exactly two) interfaces.This kind of problem is also discussed in but it is still undissolved there, and so i will discribe it here shortly:


Basic information: I will implement a server to answer incomming network requests on one of  two interfaces.


- First i have set up RTCS with one wired ethernet interface including default gateway.

     At this point, all network traffic (on this lonely interface) works fine as expected.


- Then i install a secondary interface (GPRS, PPP over serial). By this action, the default gateway is changed to the new dhcp-received ip address for the GPRS gateway.

     At this point, all network traffic on the second interface (GPRS) works fine as expected, but for the first interface (ethernet), only the incomming requests which are located in the same subnet will be accepted and answered. All incomming requests routed from a differend subnet will result in "error 0x1510" (no route to host).


As a work around, i can add a new gateway with the subnet of the incomming request, and it will work fine, but unfortunately i don't know the subnet in advance, because it should answer all requests on every possibly subnets.


My target is to implement a mechanism, where all incomming requests on either interface will be accepted and answered on the same interface.


How can i manage this ?