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ONOFF Switch in i.MX6Q, can I connect external on/off switch.

Question asked by Venkat Raghavulu on Apr 1, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2013 by 4guin4g4

Hi There,


There are few documents which specify that the ONOFF key on i.MX6Q has an issue. (I am not sure if the issue is resolve and need clarification)

Ref 1: HW Design Checking List for i.Mx6 Rev1.xlsx, which gives an alternate circuit, using "Ref13" and Row 53 of "Schematic" sheet, in the xl document.

Ref 2: R13.4-GA.01_Android_Release_Notes.pdf, chapter "6 Known Issues and Limitations

Ref 3: Schematics of IMX6Q-Smart Device Board, page 19


Please clarify what is the current status of this issue. Can I connect a external On/OFF switch to ONOFF  to power on the SoC, so that I can implement power on reset as show in "Figure 59-2. Chip reset scheme under PMU control" of "IMX6DQRM, Rev. 0, 11/2012".


The schematics of SabreSmart Device Board uses an optinal circuit, employing a GPIO, which is same as that specified in Reference 1 I pointed above.


Please clarify:

a. The current status of the OnOFF detection by SoC.

b. What is the current status of "Auto on" feature, given in the Note coloumn, after pouplating U509.

c. Can I employ On/Off switch connected to SoC ONOFF pad.