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Question asked by andypeng on Mar 31, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2013 by Yuri Muhin

Hi all,


  Installing/Building the Plugins on Ubuntu

1.1.4  Installing/Building the Plugins


2.  Install BSP support libraries package, the package is released with BSP. (you need to

have the .deb file available to the board, a USB-Key or copying the file to the board in

some other way should be fine)

sudo dpkg -i imx-lib-$VERSION-$RELEASE.deb

sudo dpkg -i kernel_$VERSION-imx_$RELEASE_armel.deb

It is desired to install all other BSP Debian packages.



where is the packages that is released with BSP?I can't find any *.ded file in BSP.


Can anybody answer this question ?