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KL05 low power mode

Question asked by francopaggio on Mar 29, 2013
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I'm starting working with KL05 (not on FRDM-KL05 board) and I'm trying to find a low power mode suitable for my specs.

My goal is to achieve 500uA running with an instruction clock of about 2MHz. (active peripherals are one UART rx-only and two timers).

(my actual application based on MC9S08 runs for 10% of time and 90% sleeps in wait condition).

Is it better to use an external crystal/resonator or internal clock to reduce consumption?

Could you suggest me any literature about kinetis low power modes and if possible source code to switch among the MCG modes?

Is there a way to check if instruction clock is the desired one?

Another question: in my project I add the "BitIO" component to drive an output pin, but running at 20.97152 MHz and using "SetVal/ClrVal" functions, it takes 1,2us to set or reset the pin (20us @ 1.31072MHz core clock). So long execution times force my main loop to spend a lot of processing time increasing consumption. --> are available lower level functions? (not only for pin management, but in general for all peripherals).

Thanks in advance,