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WireTAP8xx using CW 8.8

Question asked by andrew heywood on Mar 29, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by jorge_plascencia

Hello, I recently received an MPC885ADS board. It came with 'Metrowerks' CW 8.1 & included the WireTAP 8xx probe required to communicate between the CW developemnt envirnment & the board via the DEBUG port (there is no resident kernel on the MPC885ADS board) so a DEBUG port is required.& given that I have the WireTAP8xx already with the board I don't want to spend extra $$$/£££ on a new USB/Ethernet TAP.


The CW 8.1 does not register correctly to issue a licence.dat file - I guess it is trying to contact a no longer available server, so I can't get updates or a licence key.


Not a major problem as I want to upgrade to CW 8.8 as that is the latest version for PowerPC. I have downloaded & installed CW 8.8. from Freescale.


Once all installed CW 8.8 runs fine - but when I enter the "Remote connection" for debugging the list of choices does not include the WireTAP8xx (it does appear in the CW 8.1 list)


Now I have the H/W & I guess all the correct s/w for the WireTAP8xx installed but under CW 8.1. But I can't quite figure out how to port  across the WireTAP8xx remote connection option so that it is available to choose when I run CW 8.8.


Can anyone help me in what steps I must do to install the WireTAP8xx that I have under CW 8.1 over s that it is availble to use under CW 8.8.


I have seen a couple of .dlls under the <CW 8.1 installation directory>/bin/plugins & I copied them from the MetroWerks CW 8.1 directory to the same place under the Freescale CW 8.8. But WireTAP8xx still does not appear in the choice of remote connections for debugging.


Any advise on hw to achieve this much appreciated.


thanks in advance.