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Coldfire debugger does not resume after initial break, register values missing

Question asked by mikegr on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2013 by mikegr

I am recently responsible for maintaining a codebase with a coldfire V2 target (MCF52277) that includes MQX RTOS 3.0.1 and is compiled/linked using Codewarrior 7.1.1.  I am debugging remotely using the PEmicro Coldfire Multilink debugger, USB-ML-CFE.  I want to run the debugger from flash.  I have been successful at flashing the code and starting the debugger to the first breakpoint.   When the code breaks, I am able to see the symbolic C code and the live variable names and contents.  However, when I try to either step through the code or "run" to the next breakpoint, the debugger hangs at "Program X is executing.  Chosse break from Debug Menu to stop it".  when I choose break, Codewarrior seems to no longer be attached to the BDM module.  I also noticed that when the code breaks, all of the register values are zero.  I see these under "View->Registers->PEMICRO_USB->Program.elf->Thread0x0".  I have checked over the configuration files many times and do not see any issues for this hardware set. Any ideas?  this would be of great help.