SPI Slave MC9S12G

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Hello All,


Seem to have run into a bit of a problem here, setting up the above micro for slave operation and when I am ready to send something, I alert the Master and then enable Transmit Interrupts. In the interrupt, I test for empty, and then load up the SPI0DRL register, the Interrupt is then disabled when the data is transmitted out. However, while in debug mode, I see that the SPI0DRL register does not get populated and hence on the Master side I see 00's coming through. The physical connections seem to work, as I watched them on a scope, SS is low, and I get clocked, but this SPI buffer just never gets populated.




SPI0BR = 0x01;  

//Baud Rate Divisor = 4 -> SPI speed of 4Mbps  ( Baud = Bus Clock/ BR Divisor)

SPI0CR2 = 0;
SPI0CR1 = 0b01000000;    //Rx interrupt disabled, SPI enabled, Tx interrupt disabled, Slave mode, Default clock polarity & phase, Manual Slave Select, MSB first


In main :

Wait for 2 Second timer to expire, then Alert the master of data to send, Enable transmit SPI int


In Interrupt;

     SPI0DRL = Data;  // Somehow this does not seem to get popuplated


Using Codewarrior IDE, MC9S12G192 and Multilink ICD