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Shorter UID

Question asked by Dmitriy Lisov on Mar 28, 2013
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We're working on iMX53 based board, running Windows CE. We have a requirement for UID (Unique ID), to identify each board.

There's a code in place already to read UID as in here: Easy Way to Read UID(Unique ID) on i.MX53


The problem is that we also have a requirement for this UID to be easily read by human. Clearly, 64 bit number is not that easy to communicate over the phone.

iMX53 manual says that " Fuse Bank 0

Fuse Bank 0 contains manufacturing information such as Unique ID (UID), consists of fab ID, lot and wafer number, and die coordinates.


We thought of splitting ID, or skipping certain bytes. But for that we need to know the structure of UNIQUE_ID.

What are offsets of " fab ID, lot and wafer number, and die coordinates", respectively, inside 64-bit UNIQUE_ID value?


Thanks in advance

Dmitriy Lisovenko