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MC9S08GT60 in circuit programmer/Debugger

Discussion created by Eduardo Estigoni on Jul 8, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2007 by Eduardo Estigoni
Hi Guys,

I'm intending to use 2 boards of DLP designs ( and one of them has a MC9S08GT60 on.

I will need to modify the firmware on the uC in order to make the ADC to work. Therefore, I would like to know wich one of the In circuit debuggers/programmers is the best in this case. (M68DEMO908GB60 , USBMULTILINKBDME , M68CYCLONEPROE, M68MULTILINKS08, etc. )

In addition, is it possible to "upload" the firmware that is already in the uC to the PC to edit it on the In Circuit programmer/deugger software? Or I will need to ask the DLP guys for the firmware source files?

Thanks in advance!