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Question asked by Ardoster on Mar 27, 2013
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I'm trying to understand better what's the startup sequence in MQX. Alll I know for now is that the final line in the file S19 says what's the entry point to the application. In my case, is the address 0x2CA3C:




So, in the xMAP file, I find that this address corresponds to the function __boot() (2 underscores)


  00044A3C 00000060 .text   __boot    (bsp_gps61850sac.a boot_c.o   


So, the entry point of a MQX application should be __boot().


But in the Projects's Properties dialogue, in C/C++ Build > Settings > ColdFire Linker > Input, I can see the entry point is ___boot (3 underscores!).


What's happening? Where's the function ___boot()? Or ___boot() is the same function as __boot()??? Where is indicated the correspondency between ___boot and __boot()???


Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks you in advance.