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on mcf51je not able to change flash non volatile registers

Question asked by Vasil Kumanov on Mar 27, 2013
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I am using mcf51je256 on the evaluation board from Freescale (TWR-MCF51JE) with CW 10.2 and Multilink Universal from PE Micro. I compiled the USB Stack 4.0.3 for the MSD_and_CDC application and flashed it. But I cannot set the registers CHKSBYP or any other from registers at the addresses 0x400-0x40F. In the code there is a line


/* checksum bypass */

const uint_8 checksum_bypass@0x040a = 0x0;


In the memory map this entry is present, in the S19 file too. But the value at address 0x40A remains always 0xFF. I have functions that can delete and write in the flash from user mode (tested and working for the space 0x410- 0x3FFFF). When I try from the code to delete this address space I get an exception "Access Error" with "Error on operand write". So I am not able to make any changes at these addresses. Should I do anything before I try to access this space? Has anybody experienced a similar problem?


Thank you in advance