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Connecting TWR-K40x256 with AR4100

Discussion created by pratheep bv on Mar 25, 2013
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One of the freescale employees suggested me this combination (twr-k40x256, AR4100 and SER) of modules for building a tower system with WiFi functionality. I could not find any documentation or example code which gives a demo of this combination. I have found a document which gives the procedure to interface AR4100 with either TWR-MCF5225X-KIT or  TWR-K60N512 MuC boards. I tried to follow the same procedure for interfacing with TWR-K40x256 board instead, but nothing seems to work. First of all, has this combination been tested and proved to work? Can someone please help me in getting a nice documentation for the combination I have bought or just direct me on how to use the above lab pdf file to make it work for the K40 board. Any example codes from Freescale in this regard will be greatly appreciated.