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Kwikstik Demo Lab for MQX not working weird problem

Question asked by nabeelkhan on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2013 by nabeelkhan


I am using K40X256VLQ100, Downloaded the Demo for MQX and trying it running over MQX 3.7 under Code Warrior 10.1 environment. I have successfully Built the kwitstik demo and more over can easily RUN and Debug it over software without error . But still the demo is not showing on the board or have not able to see anything on my SLCD . software is doing debugging and running what ever i want to do. but nothing take place over the board .however I have to connect the J-link while doing debug or Run otherwise it come up with error as it should do. so don't know where i am going wrong Please help me out