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MQX 3.8(.1?) using with PE

Question asked by Gerasin Ivan on Mar 25, 2013
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Hi all!

I have some problems with using MQX. To introducing into MQX, i used pe_demo. But after "build" i met an error:


#error Demo requires Processor Expert BSP code to be generated.

#error See "<MQX_INSTALL_DIR>\doc\tools\cw\FSL_MQX_in_CW_10_x.pdf" chapter "CW10.x, MQX and Processor Expert" for details


in community i found

Re: Porting Kinetis BSP_pe from MQX 3.7 to MQX 3.8.1


But isn't really helps. So, i need step-by-step instructions to make and launch MQX on kintis. And how i can use PE in this project)

Thx for helping)