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Is ZSTAR3 USB Stick/Sensor Board working on a GNU/Linux Machine?

Question asked by m.a.perez-xochicale on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2014 by m.a.perez-xochicale

Dear Sir or Madam,


It is required to write an C++ code in order to use the ZSTAR3 USB Stick with the ZSTAR3 Sensor board on a machine with an GNU/Linux OS (Ubuntu 12.04(32bits): in the case of this machine). From what I read, it is possible to connect them to any Linux machine; however there are no documentation except their suggestion on checking acm.o module [ZStar Project help needed].


I would appreciate it if you would carry out with a proposal into my concern and provide some suggestion in accordance with my doubts.

P.D. Let me tell you that I am going to create a tutorial in order to have a proper documentation regarding this topic.


I await hearing from you,