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bitbake ok but hob fails with vs error

Question asked by mike99 on Mar 22, 2013

When I build with bitbake there do not appear to be any issues - log attached, however running hob immediately warns of udev  issues with two versions listed 182 and 164.


I can see with two versions with bitbake -s: 


[lsi@fedora1 build_p5020ds-64b_release]$ bitbake  fsl-image-full -s | grep udev

lib32-udev                                            :182-r0                         

lib32-udev-extraconf                                  :0.0-r2                         

python-pyudev                                        :0.11-r1                         

udev                                              :164-+fsl.1                         

udev-extra-rules                                      :1.0-r3                         

udev-extraconf                                        :0.0-r2   


I did do a clean etc but that did not help.

I tried to cut and paste the hob log text, but I could not find any way to do it so I have attached the screen shot.

I am not sure what I m missing since I am new to hob/bitbake etc, any thoughts appreciated, my goal is to use hob to remove only one or two things from the filesystem image.

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