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MQX -  should I use GPIO_PIN_STRUCT or PE

Question asked by RICK BOURGEOIS on Mar 22, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2013 by Martin Latal

I need your opinion.

I am still using MQX 3.6 with codewarrior 7.2.

I know if I upgrade to version 10 I can use MQX3.8 along with Proccessor Expert.

I have a work-around in MQX 3.6 where I produce the "c" code in a separate project and copy the code into my main project.

I have to do this in order to have interrupt driven inputs.

For all other I/O needs I use the GPIO_PIN_STRUCT method.

I am designing another M52259 product and I am tossed as to what approach would be better for handling all of my I/O needs.

I have previously used the GPIO_PIN_STRUCT method where you initialize your GPIO on the fly. I like this method because it doesn't involve bit manipulation of the GPIO  control registers directly in the BSP.

This saves time up front but is it the best method of controlling I/O?