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Is it possible to change target processor keeping preset parameters in PE?

Question asked by VictorLorenzo on Mar 22, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2013 by Petr_H

I'm creating the BSP/PSP for a custom board we're developing based on MK20DN512VLK10 and using MQX (version 4.0) and Eclipse based Code Warrior 10.3 (Windows). The MK20DN512VLK10 derivative is not directly supported by current PE tools (see Re: Is MK20DX256VLK10 missing in Processor Expert ?), so using the MK20DN512VLK10 (larger flash memory) as a starting point and tweaking flash settings is the recommendation given by Vojtech Filip.


Firstly, I've created a BSP clone taking 'bsp_twrk20d72m' as source BSP for the MQX BSP cloning Wizard. The twrk20d72m is using even another derivative with different frequencies and pinout.


How could I do for changing the target processor in the BSP, but keeping most PE Component configuration parameters as they were set for the original BSP processor?


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