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RTCS HTTPD seconds long delay between connections

Question asked by brianr on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2013 by Tim Hutchinson

I'm running MQX 4.0 using the HTTPD server from the RTCS suite.  I'm serving up some CGI pages.  Specifically, it's JSON formatted data.  I have an AJAX script on another machine that pulls a few of these pages down in succession.  The first page that is pulled down will return very quickly (<200 mS).  Subsequent pages each seem to take right around 3 seconds to be returned to the client.


This is what the call stack from the httpd thread looks like while I'm waiting for data to return:


Thread [ID: 0x10005] (Suspended: Signal 'Process Suspended' received. Description: Process Suspended.)   

    8 DummyFn1() dispatch.S:269 0x0000045e   

    7 _msgq_send_internal() msgq.c:2176 0x000097c0   

    6 _msgq_send_blocked_internal() msgq.c:1992 0x000095d0   

    5 RTCS_cmd_issue() rtcscmd.c:191 0x00028760   

    4 RTCS_selectall() soselall.c:64 0x000273ec   

    3 httpd_server_task() httpd_task.c:244 0x00024fc0   

    2 RTCS_task() rtcstask.c:70 0x0002c930   

    1 _task_exit_function_internal() task.c:2970 0x00008048   

Initially it looked to me like MQX wasn't closing and just waiting for a connection to time out before starting the next one, but I've tweaked just about every #define in MQX that has to do with connection limits or timings and nothing seems to help.


I'm reasonably new to MQX and not an expert on the underpinnings of TCP/IP and HTTP.  Can anyone give any insight or tips on how to troubleshoot this further?  Thanks.