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Problem When SCI1C2_TE Enables

Question asked by Designer11 on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2013 by bigmac

Hi Everyone,


I'm using the QE32 dual SCI with a MAX3225ECTP for a project and I'm experiencing a really weird problem. The problem occurs whenever i initialize SCI1C2_TE = 1; and after a valid transmit,  the transmit pin, pin 6 toggles between 0VDC and +6VDC and pin 15 will toggle between -620mV and 0Vdc. During the toggling process, the transmit pins won't transmit a valid packet of data after the toggling disappear which takes several minutes. The problem DOES NOT happens when i enable SCI2C2_TE = 1;


The same hardware is been used in another project and everything works fine. I don't know why or what is causing the problem for this project.