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Stuck in Low Power Wait in debug

Question asked by Ling Sze on Mar 21, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by Travis Long



I am having problems migrating my MQX3.8 project to MQX 4.0. I am using CW10.3 to program my chip MK60DN512VLQ10, and in debug, I can see that my chip went into "Low Power Wait" mode and never executed main(). I do not know how it went into this mode in the first place, and how to get out.


Looking into the hardware

I have:

Pin 54 NMI_b is left floating

Pin 110 LPTMR0_ALT2 is left floating as well.


I have had both of these pins pulled up to 3.3V, but that did not make a difference.



Looking into the software

In my user_config.h file I have this line


Doesn't it disable low power modes?


I have also programmed my chip with unaltered hello_twrk60n512 codes, but the same "Low Power Wait" mode.

The same chip and hardware setup has no program working with my project based on MQX3.8.


Would really appreciate the help here.