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How to boot imx25 with NAND

Question asked by Cheng Shi on Mar 21, 2013
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Hi, All


Is it possible to boot imx25 directly with NAND. If it's possible how to write a XLDR or if the XLDR is available.


The so called directly booting means:

(1) BOOT_MODE[1:0] = 2'b10

(2) BT_MEM_CTL[1:0] = 2'b01    // -> NandFlash

(3) eFuse is NOT blown.


The internal boot (with NAND of course) is now used in my design, which takes about 220ms to go to my initial code after power-up. It's required to reduce the booting time. Is it possible to reduce the booting time by using external (direct) booting with NAND?


It's appreciated for any comments




Cheng Shi