how to solve these problems regarding multimaster??

Discussion created by shubhangizarkar on Mar 20, 2013

I am using MCF52233 processor for serial to ethernet communication over MODBUS.

I have implemented the software accordingly and it is working for one serial and one TCP port .

After this I did modifications in software in such a way that the software should work for multiple clients for MODBUS TCP running on PC and server running on my hardware.

I have referred to freescale_web server.c file in order to implement the same. But I am facing following problems in the same.


1: The communication between my hardware(server on my hardware) and MODBUS client running on my PC(MODBUS TCP software like lookout) is going out if I try to connect multiple PCs at the same time. In such a cases the software shows an exception error because of "Invalid operand".

2: Facing win sock error 10038 . When I face this error my hardware communicates with only one client running on PC.