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How to solve the De-Interlace problem during usingi.Mx27 as a TVINV4l2

Question asked by wason on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2013 by jimmychan
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Dear Sir.

I'm in the design of i.MX27 embedded system using TVP5150A as a TVIN image . The camera is interlace PAL mode, the CSI interface is set to BT656, 25 frames per second.We can get the video image data according to the v4l2 capture acquisition algorithm.We get video image which including two picture into one frame image, so the image is also collected two of the same picture into one frame. I think the CSI interface may be acquidire the progressive way, but the camera output is Interlace mode . How to solve this kind of interlaced camera problem during using CSI interface of i.MX27. I think that freescale may be have some De-Interlace algorithm which can solve this BUG or provide the solution algorithm.

Thank you.