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ZigBee data acknowledge problem. Confirm Status =  not  enough memory

Question asked by Elisa Spano' on Mar 20, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by Alan Led Collins Rivera

I want to send packets using

afAddrInfo.txOptions = (gApsTxOptionNone_c | gApsTxOptionAckTx_c)


status = AF_DataRequest(&afAddrInfo, mypktPacket, pkt, &myconfirmId);

If status is gZbSuccess_c, I wait the  confirmation.


If I receive a gZbSuccess_c  I will wait and then send a new pkt (frequency is 5 pkt per seconds)

If I receive a gApsNoAck_c i will resend the pkt if my circular data buffer is not full.

The problem is that after few minutes the confirmation status became gZbNoMem_c

What does it means? Who has not enough memory? The sender or the receiver node?